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Your Home inspection is only as good as your Inspector !

MDH Radon License # 00015

Professional Home Inspector- Licensed Radon Professional        Kent Johnson

 Inspecting homes like yours, for the last 15 years, is just the beginning of my experience. -  I have Designed, Built and Remodeled 1000s of homes and inspected even more.  My experience and training as a Home Inspector, licensed Building Contractor for over 30 years and a city licensed "Truth in Housing Evaluator" have uniquely quailified me in all aspects needed to do a through inspection of your home.


What you see.

What the average home inspectors sees.

What I See! 

Missing insulation in ceiling of a new construction home.

Seeing the Big Picture

with Thermal Imagining


I utilize a two step inspection process, which means your home is inspected twice.

How does it work ?

I will inspect your home first, spending 2 - 4 hours depending size and condition of home. This allows me to focus on the task at hand without distractions. Once I finished your inspection I will meet with you at a convenient time for you. When you arrive, we will walk thru the home the second time together and discuss all the important facts about your home and answering any questions you may have.



   A home inspection is a non invasive inspection of a homes structural and mechanicial systems.


  After the inspection you will receive a comprehensive report that is easy to understand. Everything that is significant will be identified during the inspection  and included in the report. The report includes color photos, videos and a easy to read summary.  

  Armed with the information our report will provide, you can make your decision with confidence.


  As a member of National Associations of Certified Home Inspectors(NACHI), you can be assured that not only am I qualified , but I adhere to the association's standards of practice and code of ethics.


To find out more details of Standard Operating Practice please click -Read More.


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