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Sewer Inspection

What is included:

  • Inspection of home’s main drain line from standard clean-out opening out to City connection at street

  • 100 ft video scan of main drain line.

  • Link to video including on-screen narration emailed same day

What is not included:

  • Inspection of other drain systems inside or under home.

  • Remove toilet or climb up on roof to access drain; or use of excessive force to remove line cap. In rare instances where we can’t do the scope, we’ll refer you to a qualified, dependable sewer pro who’s able to do it with expert care and quick turnaround.

  • Remove flooring such as carpeting or move furniture or an appliance such as a water heater to access drain.

  • Adding clean outs to the drain.

  • Forcing or cutting off old clean outs.

  • Researching the issuance of permits.

  • Determining the adequacy of the drain.

  • Repairs or quotations for repairs.

  • Any drain lines over 150′ long.

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